Since 2007, the Steinfels brewery has been brewing in the traditional way. The brewery is located in a glass cube that has been harmoniously integrated into the restaurant. Therefor our guests are live whilst our four standard varieties of Lager, Weizen, Pils and IPA, as well as special seasonal beers mature with much love and care. We pay special attention to the malting barley, because it is malted by one of the most famous and renowned malting companies in the world, Weyermann Malz.

Since it’s extensive renovation in 2019, the restaurant delights with a cozy New York-style ambience, thanks to the incorporated materials such as copper, wood and brick. At the Steinfels Brewery, cooking is carried out with extra love, as all marinades, sauces and burgers are homemade. Even the burger buns are baked on a daily basis by the Hausbeck around the corner with our malt leftovers from the brewery.

So get inspired by our smoker specialties, or enjoy our Steinfels classics like the Steinfels Hamburger or the juicy Stonerock Chicken Wings.


Hot, hotter, chili hot wings: We all love chicken wings, especially the super hot variety.

Our Chicken Wing King Klaus Schlachter challenges you to compete against him and grab the title of “Hot Wing King”.

What can you win? You will get wings and beer à discrétion for 3 months. In addition, the new King will be immortalized on the “Wall of Hot Wing King”.

Every 3rd month you will be challenged by new participants and of course have the chance to defend your title!


Are you in need of a break? Students benefit from a 20% discount on the entire food and beverage offer!


Are you interested in learning more about our beer and its origins?

Then sign up for one of our exciting brewery tours. Learn everything you need to know about our Züri West beer. Afterwards, you will taste different beer styles and, if you wish, combine them with a menu of your choice.


Dear guests

The health of you and our employees is our most important claim. We therefore strictly adhere to the instructions and measures of the BAG (Swiss Federal Office of Public Health) and keep our employees and guests informed about its instructions on an ongoing basis.

You can find more information about the protection concept here.

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